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                Welcome to CHANGSHU PETROLEUM CEMENTING TOOLS CO.,LTD. ! Feedback | Contact us
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                PRODUCTS: Float Equipment and Guide | Cement Plug | Casing Centralizer | Stop Collar | Others Accessory | Cement Head | Stage Collar | Liner Hanger |
                About us


                Changshu Petroleum Cementing Tools Co.,Ltd is located in the north side of Changjiang river, Hupu district of Bixi Town, Changchu city of Jiangsu Province, with convenient transportation, close to the highway, Jinghu high-speed train and only about 90 km away from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, 40 km from Sunan International Airport, and only about ten km to three big cities, that is, Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi.
                Our company has a total area of 15000 Sqm, with workshop of 12800 Sqm. Currently, we have 120 employees, of which 16 are senior engineers, 20 junior engineers, 50 technicians and other inspectors, lab testers, and economists, as well as some petroleum elites and specialists.
                We are specialized in manufacturing petroleum cementing tools and accessories, main products including float collar/shoe, inner pipe cement injector, cement plug, cement head, spring centralizer, rigid centralizer, aluminum alloy centralizer, resin centralizer, roller centralizer, casing guide, casing coupling, cross over, stage cementer, liner hanger etc.
                Our products are tested by the Downhole Testing Center of China National Petroleum Corporation, and sampled onsite and annually to ensure the excellent product quality. We are always adhering to the theme of “High quality with same price, Same quality with low price; Quality is first, Customer is first, Convenient and Timely. Making customer satisfaction is our forever pursuing goal. 
                Changshu Petroleum Cementing Tools Co.,Ltd is the approved supplier to China National Petroleum Corporation and China National Petrochemical Corporation, mainly involved in design and manufacture of cementing tools for petroleum, gas and shell gas exploration and production. To date, our products have been sold to the domestic onshore/offshore oilfield, but also to overseas countries such as USA, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan,Turkmenistan, Sudan, UAE, Iran, Iraq etc.

                Service Tenet
                The same price high quality, the same quality low price.
                Quality takes the first place, customers are gods, convenient and timely, go ahead hand in hand.

                ·welcome to CHANGSHU PETROLEUM ..
                Changshu Petroleum Cementing Tool Corporation is located to the north of Changshu Xupu, near the Yangtse River. Xupu has..
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                Changshu Petroleum Cementing Tool Co.,Ltd
                Add: No.131, DaBei Street, Xupu, Changshu, Jiangsu Province 
                Postcode :215512
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                Fax: +86-512-52631132
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